Bot Detection vs open-source BotD library

BotD is an open-source library that we created to make it easy for every developer to detect basic bots in their web apps. BotD is available under a permissive MIT license and will always be free for developers.
For more demanding applications we created a professional API-based bot detection software called Fingerprint Bot Detection.

Fingerprint Bot Detection combines vast amounts of auxiliary data that bots leak (errors, network overrides, browser attribute inconsistencies, API changes, and more) to be able to reliably distinguish real users and automated software, resulting in the detection of popular automation tools, their derivatives, and plugins. The service provides both browser and server-side APIs that make the process of bot detection fast and secure.

BotD Fingerprint Bot Detection

Core Features

100% open sourceyesno1
Search engine detection
works in all modern browsers - see our full list of browsers supported
Automation web services detection
Automation browser extensions detection

Detectable automation tools & frameworks

Headless Browsers (Chrome, Firefox)
umbrella project encapsulating a variety of tools and libraries enabling web browser automation
Node.js library to automate Chromium, Firefox and WebKit with a single API
headless WebKit scriptable with JavaScript
high-level browser automation library
framework for writing cross-platform desktop applications using JavaScript, HTML and CSS
scriptable browser

Detectable stealth plugins

plugin for puppeteer-extra to prevent detection.
efficient driver for controlling headless browsers built on top of puppeteer developed for scenarios where performance matters
optimized Selenium Chromedriver patch which does not trigger anti-bot services
stealth plugin for pyppeteer

Additional Features

Server-side accuracy increase
based on additional server-side data, such as TLS crypto support, ipv4/v6 data, and others
Query API & real-time Webhooks
build flexible workflows


Data securityYour infrastructureEncrypted at rest
StorageYour infrastructureUnlimited for up to 1 yr
RegionsYour infrastructureHosting in the US, EU, and Mumbai
ComplianceYour infrastructureGDPR, CCPA compliant2
SLANo SLA99.9% Uptime
SupportGitHub communitySupport team via email, chat, and call-back within 1 business day

1. Fingerprint Bot Detection uses the open-source BotD library as well as proprietary technology for increased accuracy and result stability.

2. Fingerprint Bot Detection is GDPR and CCPA-compliant as the data processor. You still need to be compliant as the data controller and use the bot detection for fraud prevention under legitimate interest or ask for user consent.