Hey! These docs are for version 2, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 3!


FingerprintJS Pro introduction and business examples.


New version available

This v2 document is obsolete. Please see the current v3 document here.

FingerprintJS Pro is the fraud detection API for your business

Browser fingerprinting is the process of collecting information about a device and its usage through a web browser. FingerprintJS Pro uses browser fingerprinting and many other techniques to create a visitorID for every website user. Whenever users return to the website our system matches them to their visitorID with an industry-leading accuracy of 99.5%.

How it works

FingerprintJS Pro combines a JavaScript agent that runs in the browser and a server-side storage and API system that securely identifies visitors and stores all necessary fraud detection information.

JavaScript agent
FingerprintJS Pro’s JavaScript agent collects multiple device signals and sends them to our servers. The agent is so small that it won’t affect your page’s loading speed, and it’s hosted at edge locations around the world.

Server-side identification system
The server-side identification system processes and stores page views and events to identify your website visitors. It is currently available in 2 regions: US east (N.Virginia) and EU central (Frankfurt).

Business uses for FingerprintJS

Detect shared accounts
When accounts are shared they usually have a high number of visitorIDs associated with them. We can spot shared accounts and require users who sign in to these accounts to provide additional authentication to prove they’re the rightful account-owner. Read about how one company used FingerprintJS to solve their account sharing problem (case study).

Catch bots trying to automatically input many usernames and passwords into login forms
You can use a visitorID to see how often a user reloads a page. A bot will load the same page over and over in a short time as it tests usernames and passwords, signalling fraud.

Confirm that someone buying an item didn't try it earlier with a stolen credit card
By storing a visitorID with each payment, you can create a list of visitors associated with faulty transactions and be alerted whenever they visit your site in the future.

Build a metered paywall for premium content
Ensure only valid users get past your paywall or allow only a specified number of reads over a period of time. Our technology works even when users browse in incognito mode.

See our paywall demo: https://paywall-example.fingerprintjs.com/
Access our GitHub repository: https://github.com/fingerprintjs/paywall-demo

Get started

Sign up for a free 10-day trial, then integrate FingerprintJS Pro to your website by adding our JavaScript snippet with directions from our quick start guide.

Once you add the snippet, identification information will stream to your dashboard via webhooks on the server or callbacks in the browser. It's also possible to query the events later with our API, or exclude certain certain users from identification through Request Filtering.