Hey! These docs are for version 2, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 3!

Installing from NPM

Use the NPM module for flexible configuration and usage


New version available

This v2 document is obsolete. Please see the current v3 document here.

FingerprintJS Pro agent is available as an NPM module. Install it with:

npm install @fp-pro/client


yarn add @fp-pro/client

NPM module comes with a full set of TypeScript declaration files for superior development experience.

Configuring and using the agent, installed from the NPM module is slightly different from the CDN version. NPM module comes in a CommonJS format, and can be used with various module bundlers such as Webpack, Browserify or Rollup.js.

A full working example of the agent, installed as an NPM module:

import { FP } from "@fp-pro/client"

let fp = await FP.load({client: "your-token", region: "us"})
let response = await fp.send({callbackData: true})

This example is using async/await syntax, but it's also possible to use regular promise syntax.
More examples about the usage are available in the JavaScript agent API documentation.

Example using NPM package with Rollup.js: https://github.com/fingerprintjs/rollupjs-example

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