• Deprecate options tlsEndpoint and disableTls. They are not necessary because of recent improvements to the ad-blocker protection. Just remove them from your JS agent configuration. They will likely be removed in the next major version.


  • Minor improvements


  • Fix the subdivisions field type in the TypeScript declarations


  • Add an error constant ERROR_INVALID_ENDPOINT which is used then the endpoint option value is not a valid URL


  • Add a license file to the NPM package



  • Fallback endpoint. You can set multiple endpoints; JavaScript agent will try to send the request with the first endpoint, and if the request fails, retry the request with the second endpoint and so on. Supported by all options: scriptUrlPattern, endpoint and tlsEndpoint.
  • Placeholder values for cases where you want to use the default endpoint as a fallback endpoint:


  • A new error is thrown when JS agent is blocked by Content Security Policy: FingerprintJS.ERROR_CSP_BLOCK. JS agent doesn't retry network requests blocked by CSP. In previous versions a common error was thrown in this case: FingerprintJS.ERROR_NETWORK_CONNECTION.


  • Bot Detection agent is embedded into FingerprintJS Pro agent
  • A new fp.get() option products to enable or disable Fingerprint products (Browser Identification, BotDetection)


  • Security improvements