Go Server API SDK

Using Fingerprint Pro Server API Go SDK

This open-source library improves the experience for projects utilizing Go environment. It simplifies communication with our Fingerprint Pro Server API which is used for getting information about visitors and individual events in a server environment. Server API can be also used for data exports, decision-making, and data analysis scenarios.

Example Use

  1. Get the package from GitHub using go get.
go get github.com/fingerprintjs/fingerprint-pro-server-api-go-sdk
  1. Import and use the library.
package main

import (

func main() {
    cfg := sdk.NewConfiguration()
    client := sdk.NewAPIClient(cfg)

    // Configure authorization, in our case with API Key
    auth := context.WithValue(context.Background(), sdk.ContextAPIKey, sdk.APIKey{
        Key: "SECRET_API_KEY",

    // Usually this data will come from your frontend app
    visitorId := "VISITOR_ID"
    opts := sdk.FingerprintApiGetVisitsOpts{
        RequestId: optional.NewString("REQUEST_ID"),

    response, httpRes, err := client.FingerprintApi.GetVisits(auth, visitorId, &opts)

    fmt.Printf("%+v\n", httpRes)

    if err != nil {

    fmt.Printf("Got response with visitorId: %s", response.VisitorId)


You can find the full documentation in the official GitHub repository. The repository also contains an example app demonstrating usage of the library.