Management API allows you to manage your Fingerprint account and applications programmatically from a server environment.

Management API is only for server-side usage, it's not intended to be used from the client side, whether it's a browser or a mobile device.


Management API requests do not count toward your monthly plan and are not billed.

Getting started

Management API is available globally:

RegionBase URL

You can use Management API for all your applications, regardless of their region.


Management API requests are authorized by using the Management API key that can be obtained in your Fingerprint Dashboard by visiting App Settings > API Keys.

Set your API key as a Bearer token in the Authorization header:

Authorization: Bearer your-management-api-key

Read more about Authentication.


Management API is versioned by date of the backwards-incompatible change made to the API. The latest version is 2024-05-20.

Set the version as in the X-API-Version header:

X-API-Version: 2024-05-20

Read more about Versioning.

Making a request

Now we're ready to make our first request!

We can try to list all our environments by calling GET Note the added Authorization and X-API-Version headers.

curl -XGET -H 'Authorization: Bearer your-management-api-key' -H 'X-API-Version: 2024-05-20' ''

You should get a response listing all your workspace environments:

  "data": [
      "id": "env_ff035a1dd7655da15295fa5fa89362a7",
      "name": "Default environment",
      "created_at": "2023-10-05T14:48:00.000Z"

And you're all set! Feel free to explore other methods available in Management API.

Rate limiting

Management API is rate limited. The limit is enforced for every Management API key, and the default rate limit per API key is 5 req/sec.

If you are an Enterprise plan customer and your use case requires a higher limit, please reach out to our support team.

Client SDKs

SDKs for specific languages are coming soon!

Using API reference

You can try calling the Management API directly from this documentation:

  1. Go to one listed API methods, for example List environments.
  2. Set your API key as Authorization  bearer token.
  3. Set API version by setting X-API-Version header to 2024-05-20.
  4. Click Try it!.

A real API response will appear in the Response section.

Other resources


If you want to get information about visitors and identification events, check the Server API .

If you want to identify browsers in your web application, read our JS Agent guide.

If you want to identify mobile devices using native mobile SDKs, see Android or iOS.