Java Server API SDK

The Fingerprint Server Java SDK is an easy way to interact with our Server API from your Java application. You can retrieve visitor history or individual identification events.

How to install

Using Maven

Add this dependency to your project's POM:


Using Gradle

Add this dependency to your project's build file:

repositories {
   maven { url '' }

dependencies {
   implementation "com.github.fingerprintjs:fingerprint-pro-server-api-java-sdk:v1.0.0"


Generate the JAR file:

./gradlew jar

Then manually install target/fingerprint-pro-server-api-sdk-1.0.0.jar.


Initialize the client instance and use it to make API requests. You need to specify your secret API key and region (if it is not US/Global).

import com.fingerprint.api.FingerprintApi;
import com.fingerprint.models.EventResponse;
import com.fingerprint.models.Response;
import com.fingerprint.sdk.ApiClient;
import com.fingerprint.sdk.ApiException;
import com.fingerprint.sdk.Configuration;
import com.fingerprint.sdk.Region;

public class FingerprintApiExample {
  public static void main(String... args) {
    ApiClient client = Configuration.getDefaultApiClient(
      // Region.EUROPE
    FingerprintApi api = new FingerprintApi(client);

    // Get visit history of a specific visitor
    try {
      Response response = api.getVisits("<visitorID>");
    } catch (ApiException e) {

    // Get a specific identification event
    try {
      EventResponse response = api.getEvent("<requestID>");
    } catch (ApiException e) {


You can find the full documentation in the official GitHub repository.