OpenAPI for Server API and Webhooks

OpenAPI Specification (formerly Swagger Specification) is an API description format for REST APIs. With Fingerprint Server API and Webhooks open-source OpenAPI Specifications and its public data contract, one can easily integrate with Fingerprint's Server API and Webhooks. Our OpenAPI specification conforms to OpenAPI Specification version 3.0.3.

Visual Swagger UI representation of the OpenAPI definition can be found on the demo page. The latest version of the Specification is published on GitHub.

Webhooks Specification

OpenAPI Specification supports Fingerprint Webhooks through the SwaggerUI's callback feature. Since callbacks cannot exist without an initial request, there is an explicit/webhook path with the TRACE method in the Specification.

Server API Specification

Server API supports two types of authentication.

  • api_key as a query parameter. This mode is supported in the SwaggerUI demo.
  • Auth-API-Key as an HTTP header. This mode is not supported in the SwaggerUI demo because of the Same Origin Policy.