Python Server API SDK

Using Fingerprint Pro Server API Python SDK

This open-source library improves the experience for projects utilizing the Python environment. It simplifies communication with our Fingerprint Pro Server API which is used for verifying issued visitor identifiers.

Example Use

  1. Add fingerprint_pro_server_api_sdk as a dependency to your application via pip.
# Install from GitHub
pip install git+
# Install from PyPI
pip install fingerprint_pro_server_api_sdk
  1. Include the secret API key and region in the configuration and use the client instance for API requests.
import fingerprint_pro_server_api_sdk
from fingerprint_pro_server_api_sdk import Response
from import ApiException

# Configure API key authorization and region
configuration = fingerprint_pro_server_api_sdk.Configuration(api_key="SECRET_API_KEY", region="us")

# Create an instance of the API class
api_instance = fingerprint_pro_server_api_sdk.FingerprintApi(configuration)
visitor_id = "visitor_id_example"

    api_response: Response = api_instance.get_visits(visitor_id)
except ApiException as e:
    print("Exception when calling DefaultApi->visitors_visitor_id_get: %s\n" % e)
  1. Additionally, you can also apply filters for the get_visits function.
api_response: Response = api_instance.get_visits(
  1. For webhooks, you can use the generated type object.
from fingerprint_pro_server_api_sdk import WebhookVisit


You can find the full documentation in the official GitHub repository.

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