Browser support

Fingerprint supports all popular browsers. We aim to cover at least 99% of all users according to the Fingerprint Identification statistics. The overall identification accuracy of traffic coming from supported browsers is up to 99.5% based on all Fingerprint identification statistics. Our research and development team continuously monitors releases of supported browsers and adjusts our identification algorithm if necessary.

At the moment, the supported browsers are:

Desktop Safari12.1+See Safari Intelligent Tracking Prevention for more details.
Mobile Safari12.0+
Samsung Internet14.0+
BraveallSee Brave support for more details.

Browsers not listed here may work, but we don't make guarantees about identification functionality or accuracy.

The identification accuracy of individual browsers may vary, and their impact on your overall identification accuracy depends on their prevalence in your traffic. See Understanding our accuracy for an explanation of how we measure our accuracy.

Ad-blocking extensions and browser features can disrupt visitor identification. To reliably identify visitors using ad blockers or privacy-aware browsers like Brave, we recommend using one of our cloud proxy integrations. See Protecting the JavaScript agent from ad blockers for more details.