Visitor Footprint Timestamps

Visitor footprint timestamps represent two significant events for a browser or device:

  • The very first time a browser/device appeared in your application.
  • (Prior to the current instance) The most recent instance the browser/device visited your application.

These timestamps when combined with Smart Signals (e.g. IP Geolocation, etc) can be valuable in detecting account takeover and other fraud.


Visitor footprint timestamps are available for all of our plans at no additional cost. These timestamps are included in responses to

Representation in API response

In API responses, visitor footprint timestamps are represented by the following JSON properties:

  1. firstSeenAt.subscription
  2. lastSeenAt.subscription
    • When a browser/device visits your application for the very first time, this timestamp will be null to indicate that there have been no previous visits.

Global timestamps are currently not used and they contain the same values as their subscription counterparts.

  // ...
  // Timestamps have millisecond precision and adhere to ISO-8601 format
  "firstSeenAt": {
    "global": "2022-03-16T11:31:01.101Z",
    "subscription": "2022-03-16T11:31:01.101Z"
  "lastSeenAt": {
    "global": "2022-03-24T11:28:34.023Z",
    "subscription": "2022-03-24T11:28:34.023Z"
  // ...