FingerprintJS Pro Flutter is an official open-source library for the Flutter ecosystem. The package is also published at package repository.

Sample usage

  1. Add fpjs_pro_plugin to the pubspec.yaml in your Flutter app.
    sdk: flutter
  fpjs_pro_plugin: ^1.0.2
  1. Get the visitor identifier.
import 'package:fpjs_pro_plugin/fpjs_pro_plugin.dart';

// Initialization
class _MyAppState extends State<MyApp> {
  void initState() async {
    await FpjsProPlugin.initFpjs('<fingerprintjs-pro-public-api-key>'); // insert your public API key here

// Usage
FpjsProPlugin.getVisitorId().then((visitorId) {
  // use the visitor id


You can find the full documentation in the official GitHub repository. The repository also contains an example app demonstrating usage of the library.

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