Suspect Score

Suspect Score is an easy way to integrate Smart Signals into your fraud protection work flow. It is a weighted representation of all Smart Signals present in the payload that helps identify suspicious activity.

What is Suspect Score

Suspect Score is a single value representing how many Smart Signals indicative of suspicious or fraudulent activity were triggered for a particular requestId. Each triggered Smart Signal is represented by a positive integer called a weight. Weights are additive, meaning that the more Smart Signals return a positive value, the higher the final score.

It's part of the Smart Signals payload available in Server API, Webhooks and Sealed Client Results.

Suspect Score Weights

Each Smart Signal has its own weight, contributing to the final score. The weights are currently based on the probability that the selected Smart Signal is triggered on a global scale. Smart Signals that are less likely to be triggered have stronger weights, and vice versa.

Weights might have slightly different values based on the request's originating platform (web, Android and iOS). This is caused by different representation of average traffic for each platform.


N/A in the table below means that the signal is not reflected in the Suspect Score. This might happen for two reasons - either the signal is not available on that particular platform (see our Smart Signals Cheat Sheet page for signal availability) or the signal had low incidence rate and would skew the computation too much (the weight would be extremely high).

Weights Table

Smart SignalWeb/BrowserAndroidiOS
Bot Detection (Bad Bot)7N/AN/A
Incognito Detection4N/AN/A
VPN - Time Zone Mismatch344
VPN - Public VPN Service455
VPN - Mobile DetectionN/A66
VPN - OS MismatchN/AN/AN/A
Tampering Detection8N/AN/A
Virtual Machine Detection14N/AN/A
Remote Control Tools DetectionN/AN/AN/A
Developer Tools DetectionN/AN/AN/A
Velocity SignalsN/AN/AN/A
Privacy Settings6N/AN/A
IP Blocklist - Email Spam141213
IP Blocklist - Known Attack Source131313
Tor Exit Node141617
Public Proxy141215
Android Emulator DetectionN/A9N/A
Android Tampering DetectionN/A12N/A
App Cloners DetectionN/A9N/A
Jailbreak DetectionN/AN/A10
Frida DetectionN/A14N/A
High-Activity Device656

How to Use Suspect Score

Suspect Score can be used to flag and review possible suspicious activity. It can be used to quickly integrate Smart Signals into your fraud protection workflow without the need to explore fraud correlations of individual Smart Signals.

"suspectScore": {
  "data": {
    "result": 0
"suspectScore": {
  "result": 0

What’s Next

Want to know the detail about each individual Smart Signal? Visit our Smart Signals Overview page to get more information.