Multiple domain tracking

Tracking visitors across multiple domains can be helpful in proactively mitigating fraud. With a single Fingerprint application, a browser can be identified as it visits multiple domains.

i.e. ← visitorId: abc123 →

To track a visitor across multiple domains, configure the JavaScript agent for each domain with a public API key from a single application. You may use separate public API keys as long as they are from the same Fingerprint application.

If you wish to query the Fingerprint Server API by domain name, the linkedId feature can be used.


Important Note:

If using the Custom subdomain on your domains, do not copy/paste the same snippet across multiple sites without first verifying the endpoint property in your JavaScript agent matches with the origin. Cookies set by a server may be discarded if the server and website origin do not match, thus reducing accuracy of the visitorId. For example, do not use as the endpoint on