Safari ITP

ITP is Safari Intelligent Tracking Prevention.

ITP was first introduced in 2017, when Safari 11 was released. The goal of ITP is to prevent cross-site tracking by placing limitations on cookies and other website data.

Since 2017, Apple has released several updates to ITP. This document is up to date as of ITP 2.3.
ITP has been very effective in preventing cross-site tracking by disabling 3rd-party cookies completely and capping the lifetime of all script-writable website data. Script-writable website data include cookies, set with document.cookie and local storage. The lifetime of the script-writable data is limited to seven days by default, but can be further reduced to 24 hours if ITP detects that the client-side cookie was set by a tracking domain.

Apple recommends website owners use Secure, HttpOnly cookies, because they are not affected by the lifetime cap. Apple cannot limit the lifetime of Secure, HttpOnly cookies is because these cookies are used for authentication (log-in).

Fingerprint Pro and other services use both 3rd-party (Secure, HttpOnly) and client-side cookies (set with document.cookie), which are both affected by ITP.

To fix this, we require using our Cloudflare Integration or Custom subdomain.

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