Account Limits

All accounts at Fingerprint have the following default limits:


Default Limit


Free plans

1 per account

Developers and small sites can use Fingerprint Pro for free forever, with up to 20,000 API requests per month

Unlimited 10-day free trial

1 per account

New signups can request a 10-day trial if they want to try the Pro API w/out limitations. After the trial period ends, the account will be downgraded to the free plan unless you upgrade.

And all subscriptions have the following default limits:


Default Limit


SSL certificates


Each SSL Certificate can hold up to 50 subdomains

API Keys


Number of API keys that a subscription can have. Includes public and secret keys

Monthly API requests

paid plans: unlimited
free plans: 20,000 requests / month

You can make an unlimited number of API requests while on a free plan if you start your 10-day trial

API Rate Limit

paid plans: 5 requests / sec
free plans: 3 requests / sec

Maximum number of API requests per second for the public and secret keys. You cannot increase the limit of 3 req/s on the free plan, but it's possible to increase the limit on a paid plan by emailing support

Webhook endpoints



Request filtering rules


Request filtering rules that a subscription can have in total. Includes allowed/forbidden origins and forbidden HTTP headers


Increasing Limits

If you want to increase a limit, please reach out to [email protected].

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