Pricing explained

A guide for engineers

Fingerprint Pro Identification

Customers are billed on a monthly basis based on the number of API requests made over the billing period. The minimum paid plan is $200/mo for 100,000 API requests – any additional requests will be charged at a rate of $2 per 1,000 requests.

Developers and small websites can use Fingerprint Pro for free, using up to 20,000 API requests per month.
For businesses that require 2,000,000 Monthly API requests or more, custom pricing options are available. Please reach out to [email protected].

API request as a billing unit

A billable API request is performed when Fingerprint Pro JavaScript agent performs an identification request. Importantly, this request must be processed successfully by the Fingerprint Pro backend to be considered billable. The identification request is triggered by calling the get() function from the Fingerprint Pro JavaScript agent or its alternative from our frontend framework libraries. Calling the load() function is not billable, since it doesn't perform identification and only loads the agent and prepares it to work.

Fingerprint Pro Bot Detection

This guide covers only the Fingerprint Pro Identification product. For pricing information on Fingerprint Pro Bot Detection product, please reach out to [email protected].


If your application code retrieves visitor data from the application cache, it is not billed. Only those requests that hit the Fingerprint Pro backend are billed. The majority of our frontend libraries for specific frameworks provide various caching strategies. The number of billed requests will depend on the selected caching strategy.

Failed requests

If an API request ends with an error, it is usually not billed. If you encounter any billing issues or believe the billing is not working correctly, please reach out to [email protected] to resolve your issue.

Blocked requests

Requests blocked by ad blockers or application firewalls are generally not billed.

Throttled requests

Throttled identification requests are not billed.

Search Engines

Fingerprint Pro Identification requests triggered by search engine bots and well-known crawlers are not billed.

Fingerprint Pro Mobile Identification

The same billing principles also apply to Fingerprint Pro Identification for native iOS and Android platforms. The billing request is triggered by the getVisitorId() and getVisitorIdResponse() functions for Android or iOS SDKs. For React Native and Flutter SDKs, billed requests are triggered by the getVisitorId() or getVisitorData() functions.

Other Fingerprint Pro platform features

Other Fingerprint Pro platform features, such as Server API requests, Webhooks, Custom subdomains, Request filtering, integrations, libraries, and SDKs are free of charge. Some limitations apply.

Pricing changes

We reserve the right to change the pricing for our current or future products. In the event of an upcoming pricing change, we'll send a newsletter to all our customers with a notification at least 30 days before the price change event.