Ad Blockers

Ad blockers, such as uBlock Origin or Adblock Plus, can interfere with how the Fingerprint Pro agent works.
If you use our CDN to add the JS agent to your pages, ad blockers can block the CDN URL and prevent browsers from downloading the agent script to your pages.
To fix the CDN blocking, we recommend using our NPM package or using our Cloudflare Integration. With Cloudflare integration, script downloading will be done through the Cloudflare worker proxy which will work despite the blocking.

After the JS agent is already there in your HTML, you will typically call the agent's #load function to initialize the agent and then the #get function to make the API call.
Fingerprint Pro backend uses API base URL by default, which can also be blocked by ad blockers or privacy-focused browsers, such as Brave.
To make the #get function work and be immune to blocking, we require using either the Cloudflare Integration or the Custom subdomain functionality.
If you have any questions regarding both options, please contact our friendly support at [email protected]

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