Pro vs open source version

Fingerprint Pro was started at the beginning of 2019 when the creator of the original FingerprintJS took feedback from existing open source users to implement a new professional version.

Since 2012, FingerprintJS has been used by thousands of companies on a traffic scale of billions of users.

Fingerprint Pro version is a commercially developed platform for fraud detection, user identification, marketing attribution and analytics that has numerous advantages, compared to the open source version.

The differences between the Pro and open source versions are summarized in the table below.



Core Features

Mobile Native SDKs
Android, iOS, Flutter, React
Standard fingerprint signals
screen, os, device name
Advanced fingerprint signals
canvas, audio, fonts
ID type fingerprint visitorID**
ID lifetime several weeks months/years
ID origin client server
ID collisions common rare

Additional features

Incognito mode detection
works in all modern browsers - see our full list of browsers supported
Server-side accuracy increase
based on additional server-side signals, such as TLS crypto support, ipv4/v6 data and others
Query API & realtime Webhooks
build flexible workflows
based on IP address
Data security Your infrastructure Encrypted at rest
Storage Your infrastructure Unlimited up to 1 yr
Regions Your infrastructure Global, EU and Asia data centers
Compliance Your infrastructure GDPR, CCPA compliant***
SLA No SLA 99.8% Uptime
Support GitHub community Support team via email, chat, and call-back within 1 business day
Get it on GitHub Create Free Account
* Pro uses the open source fingerprinting library as well as proprietary technology for increased accuracy and stability.
** VisitorIDs, in comparison to fingerprints, include server side techniques, are deduplicated and utilize fuzzy matching to result in a more accurate and stable identifier. Fingerprint hashes rely on an exact match across all browser attrributes, making them unstable across > 2 week time intervals.
*** FingerprintJS is GDPR and CCPA compliant as the data processor. You still need to be compliant as the data controller and use the identification for fraud under legitimate interest or ask for user consent.

Pro version is open-source + server-side API


Overview of the different layers of the Fingerprint Pro identification process

The main difference between the open source and the Pro version is that the open source version is only a JavaScript file that queries browser attributes and computes a hash from them (performs fingerprinting). In a situation with identical browsers, it will generate identical fingerprints. If two different users use the same browser (same vendor and version) on the same phone model, you will get two identical fingerprints and will not be able to tell these two users apart.

To solve this, Fingerprint Pro processes the identification data on the server. In addition to regular fingerprinting, it analyzes vast amounts of auxiliary data (IP addresses, time of visit patterns, URL changes and more) to be able to reliably deduplicate different users that have identical devices.

Other differences between Pro and open source versions are explained below.


Open source: generates the fingerprints directly in the browser, which makes it vulnerable to spoofing and reverse engineering.

Pro: processes all the information server-side and transmits it securely to you servers using server-to-server APIs. Information is never exposed in the browser, which makes it much harder to tamper with. All the information that is collected is never shared with 3rd parties. The security of your data is our priority.


Open source: provides no SLA or availability guarantees.

Pro: supports enterprise options with 99.9% uptime and availability SLA.


Open source: only GitHub issues/questions with no response time guarantee.

Pro: provides guaranteed same business day response on paid plans.
Enterprise support options are available on request.